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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wonder what happened to Rookiee's blog/profile

New Everything

Of course, his other blog is still up.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

And they say they don't encourage illegal activity?

I have screen shots for LE if needed, but here's the gist of it:

Advice needed

Posted by BEBL on 2006-September-28 11:09:38, Thursday

My younger cousins have came across stuff they shouldn't have on my PC (one of them I know for sure has seen the stuff - the other one I am quite sure he knows about it). Thus - I am scared that they will know I am a BL and will more than likely tell their parents about their discovery. They haven't mentioned anything to me about it, but I know that they have came across the stuff becasue I caught him making a CD of songs; thereby browsing through all of my files. Please advise of what I should do IF it gets out of hand and their parents decide to confront me or tell my own parents. I'm trying to think of things to say should such an awkward situation arise, but I can't think of any lol.

Secure your computer, for heaven's sake

Posted by Ozymandias on 2006-September-28 14:45:47, Thursday
In reply to Advice needed posted by BEBL on 2006-September-28 11:09:38, Thursday

As Kosh said, make sure you've password protected your account. Set up a guest account on it for others.

Even in your account, keep anything potentially 'bad' well hidden where nobody is likely to browse. The best thing would be to keep it all on a virtual encrypted disk (check out Once you've moved your stuff there, wipe your free space as Valerio suggested.

I assume we're talking about something like your speedo pics collection, your five million pictures of the Sprouse twins, and the saved text files of your favorite Nifty stories. If you've been downloading illegal material that was a bad idea to begin with; all I can say there is wipe your ENTIRE drive, smash the drive up with a sledgehammer, stick it in the oven for a while, and then throw it out - and then never download illegal material again.

Re: Advice needed

Posted by valerio on 2006-September-28 12:24:06, Thursday
In reply to Advice needed posted by BEBL on 2006-September-28 11:09:38, Thursday

It's likely that your younger cousins will say nothing, and almost impossible to imagine that your family will turn you in to the cops. Just the same, there are some things to do immediately.

Delete all questionable files from your computer. Yes, we all know they'll still be on your hard drive, but your parents won't know how to find them. For more security, download software to overwrite the unused space on your hard drive. Here's one possibility:

Re: Advice needed

Posted by Kosh on 2006-September-28 11:15:43, Thursday
In reply to Advice needed posted by BEBL on 2006-September-28 11:09:38, Thursday

Well, if it is illegal, dump it. The computer I mean, not just the files.

I would also start password protecting your computer to keep unwanted browsers off.

Have they given any indication that they saw anything they thought was strange?

If they came across something that can be explained away as innocent, do so. If not, well, start thinking of ways to tell the truth.

shred the drive not the computer

Posted by anonymous on 2006-September-28 15:31:46, Thursday
In reply to Re: Advice needed posted by Kosh on 2006-September-28 11:15:43, Thursday

Destroy the hard drive.

Erase it using a secure 7-or-more-pass eraser then unscrew the drive, heat the platters or put them in some chemical to rust them, then sand them down and repeat. Hydrogen Peroxide might do the trick. If you have a metal-cutting tool, cut up the remains of the platters. Dispose of them in several different public trash bins around town.

Buy a replacement drive and load a fresh copy of your favorite operating system and reload your programs. Secure it from unwanted use.

Oh, one more thing

Posted by Kosh on 2006-September-28 11:45:45, Thursday
In reply to Re: Advice needed posted by Kosh on 2006-September-28 11:15:43, Thursday

Don't say anything about it unless someone else brings it up.

So, destroying child porn isn't illegal? Last I heard, it was. You are obligated to REPORT it, not destroy it. Of course we know why they are telling the guy to destroy it, though. Don't we?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More about You Tube

Yes, they are considered rehabilitated, but, after removing Rookiee's group and a few of the pedos the other night, it seems they've decided to just go back to ignoring the situation. I'm disappointed. If you want to see what I mean, go to the profile of the user called "Oberth." From there, you can see the videos he has, and you can also see who has subscribed to his videos, and see what sort of videos they have posted. From there, you can see who has subscribed to THEIR videos, and see what sort of videos those people have. It's a pretty disgusting web of people and videos. If you want to help, set up an account and complain about these people. Every little bit helps.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Funny shit!

Here's Alan's latest blog entry:

Monday, September 25, 2006

Funny Quote:

He thinks he's so smart. What an idiot. Most of us knew that was a little "hoax." It just goes to show how they think this is a game. It also says a lot about his maturity level. "Haha, tricked you!" Well, no, he didn't, but jesus, does this sound like gradeschool shit or what?

Yeah it is gradeschool shit and you did believe it, but I grant you permission to deny it all, so go ahead and do it. Oh by the way, can you really prove that I am a pedophile in the first place?

I mean all that I have really done is written down things to have you perceive me as a pedophile but what if I am not a pedophile and this has been some long test, or government example or maybe even a psychology paper test for school. I mean what do you really believe or really know? Act like you know because that is all that you can really do, you anti's don't have a clue at all and its funny as all hell to see you ranting and ranting day after day when you come here like you are actually making a difference.

The funny thing is that your clueless, its okay, you will get through this I promise.

If you can prove that I am actually a pedophile then do it, if you can't then keep posting away your stupid comments and let my project keep going. Thank god that I am getting paid for this or I wouldn't be wasting my time with you idiots.

Idiots being : llort and rez


I'm posting my response here instead of on his blog, because, well, we know what happens to our posts on those fucks' blogs.

Well, ask rez, if you don't believe I knew it. I emailed him and told him it was a little game you were playing. Of course, you won't believe anything rez says, so, whatever. What you did wasn't even clever, see. You made your own little "interest" called "DELETED," and we all knew that if you had actually been deleted there'd be more than one user listed in that "interest." Funny how other people on the internet can grok what stupid people do online, isn't it? Also, how does one post to his own blog in the comments section if he's been deleted? Hmm?


No, I can't prove you're a pedophile at this point in time. Are you suddenly saying that you're not? Are you suddenly deciding to not be "out and proud" about it? Why's that? Is it because you have realized that all the shit that all of you have spewed about society denying you your little boys and girls WILL overrule your obsene conviction that you should be allowed to spew your shit all over the place about your harmful activities?

Well, if that's the case, then, good on you for finally realizing that.

But let me tell you a little secret. We "antis" know very well. I've been undercover on bc for over three years. Some of the people there think I'm one of their own. This is one "anti" who knows VERY well what's going on, what's being encouraged and supported, and, in a couple of cases, what's being planned. Go ahead and try to dig me out. Your efforts will prove fruitless. And you can go ahead and pass this on to bc, because I enjoy their paranoia SO much. It's just amazing. I love the scent of fear when it comes from predators. :) I'm so looking forward to the response to this post.

So, your claim: "The funny thing is that your clueless" is not only amusing because of the misspelling, but it's also amusing because of the many clues I do have.

I can likely prove you're a pedophile eventually. I will let you know when I am able to, before I do it, because that will give me a tremendous amount of satisfaction to do so. But, until then, I'm enjoying your backpeddling a lot too.

By the way. Include me in the group of idiots, because I think you have the misconception that I'm either rez or llort, and I am not. So, please. Add me to your list. :)

Alan's a Moron

Wasn't that just SO witty? Haha, I closed down my own blog. That'll learn ya! Idiot.

If he's doing shit like that, that means one thing: he's worried. And he should be.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

You Tube Rocks!

AFter some work being done over at peej, Rookiee's group of pedophiles has been DELETED and his account has been suspended! This is great news! Other pedos over there have also had their accounts suspended. -happydance-

Other companies who've tossed his sorry ass out:
Cafe Press

I'm heeeeeeeeere!

Well, I figured I'd go ahead and create a blog, so that I can broadcast fun info about what to do in the fight against people who hurt children. I'll be adding some links to sites where you can volunteer, report crimes, read about others who are in this war, etc. This is kind of fun, especially in light of a couple of victories that has seen in the past few days.

Before you ask, no, I am not an official peej person. I'm just inspired by their work, and volunteer there where I can. It's a great site and a great bunch of people!